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Sam the labrador lives again

Spring may actually be coming to Northern California: green hillsides, poppies blooming, cherry-tree-scented air taking the place of the daily, weekly, monthly rains. It’s been a very long winter season of saying, “I know we need the rain, but still…” So we’re finally getting the new season, springtime, rebirth, resurrection, all that good stuff.


And apparently, Sam understands. This space, a few months ago, had a story about Sam the beautiful, aging Labrador retriever going for a last walk with his People on the beach at Crissy Field on San Francisco Bay. He had pretty much quit eating and drinking – the ancient pathway out of this world taken by humans and animals alike before technology started making us think we could live forever – and had in fact been giving the equivalent of a terminal diagnosis by his vet. He was on a sort of doggie hospice care.

Sam has changed his mind. Near the end of his allotted hospice time he started eating again, began to perk up and gained back a little weight. Nobody has a clue about it, but all is right with the world again for Sam and us all. His mom threw him a 14th birthday party, his People brought gifts, and his four-legged friends Harley and Ruby sat politely by while Sam dined on cake with liverwurst.

 Sam’s mom is, to put it mildly, not religious. But it does seem a good season for resurrection and rebirth. Happy springtime.