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It Starts with Me

It Starts with Me






If the world will be a better place

It starts with me

Miss America candidates, toothy smiles

Perfect posture in a low-cut bathing suit

Want world peace.

It starts with me


Dog fighters

Gunners, stabbers, boxers

Whale boat rammers

It starts with me

Pray for peace

Then kill to get it

Fight for rights

Then bully others

Hand-held games

Then hand-held weapons

It starts with me

It starts with me, it starts with me

Thoughts then words

It starts with me


It starts with me, it starts with me

Words then acts

It starts with me.


Copyright © 2010 Barbara Pottie Holmes

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I want it

Hi Barbara,
I like to go and look at member pages when they are nice enough to leave a comment for me. Can I post your poem on my peace blog at http://www.thebeadpeople.org? That would be fun to give you a little credit and to join minds a bit. Let me know.

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Dear Patricia:

How sweet of you to ask me - I am very honored.

I am not a peace activist, just a person whose belief system centers around a peaceful world, and who tries to live by peaceful principles. Although I so appreciate your asking me to post the poem on your blog, I would prefer not to do that.

Thank you so much!

Best wishes,


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No worries

It was just a thought. I understand.