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What is Life Without Friends?

What is Life Without Friends?

First, I want to thank everyone who's supported me during this time.  It's really hard to be stalked and harassed and lied about all over the Internet, especially when you don't want any trouble of any kind.  I'm not a person who likes drama.  In fact, I hate it, and in the past, when this person would stalk me and try to cause trouble, I'd just "go away," but that give the stalker more power, so this time, I'm not going to let it happen without a fight, and I'm not going to leave my friends "hanging," wondering what happened to me or why.  This time, my friends are going to be privvy to any and all information I am privvy to.  I feel, if someone wants to tell vicious lies about me, why should the truth be hidden?  I have nothing at all to hide from my friends.  In fact, I have nothing at all to hide from the world except my address and the names and addresses of my family members since I've been stalked and harassed, which only makes good sense.

I greatly appreciate the support.  When something like this happens, we find out who our real friends are, so I consider this a valuable episode in my life if for that reason only.

I've emailed the sender of the email from Redroom, who've I've not hear a word from, a link where he or she can see more photos of me, photos that show my face more clearly, and I've offered to send him or her even more photos, though they shouldn't be required.  From the link, Redroom can see that I am me, and that I bear no resemblance to Shana Zadrick, as some of you have discovered.  I've also come to believe Thomas is right and that I should demand a public apology and the person who emailed Redroom trying to harass me should be banned forever from having an account here.  His or her IP should be blocked.  I told Redroom that, but this is their site, not mine, and what they do about the matter will be up to them.

Anyway, I've heard nothing at all, and I just wanted to update all of you on that and thank all of you for your support.  That means more to me than anything else in the world.  What is life without friends?  Not much.  All of you who've supported me through this farce, which could have been resolved so easily had Redroom simply asked me for more information, have greatly enhanced my life and I hope you'll remain a part of it.

Thank you.