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The Architect of Murder: First Blood!

The Architect of Murder: First Blood!

The first review of The Architect of Murder is by Anne Jordan, in Issue 12 of The Scion, The Newsletter of The Musgraves, A Sherlock Holmes Society:

The Architect of Murder by Rafe McGregor, published by Robert Hale Ltd, pre-order price from Amazon of £12.53, 224pp.

I had the pleasure of reading Rafe’s novel before it went to print, and am confident that this will be the first of many crime novels from this up and coming writer. The book is set in Edwardian London in 1902, and evokes the period well as the mystery unfolds. Major Alec Marshall VC has returned to London from Africa and is making enquiries into the will of the late Cecil John Rhodes. It is the intertwining of real and fictional characters that is one of the strengths of the book, and helps to provide an authentic setting of a London preparing for the coronation of Edward VII. One of the witnesses to the will, Eric Lowenstein is found beaten to death in a seedy boarding house and Marshall discovers that Lowenstein harboured a deadly secret concerning not only the vast fortune Rhodes amassed, but the very future of the Empire. Rafe is able to write strong women as well as believable heroes and I hope that we hear more of Roberta Paterson. I am sure that there will be a sequel to this novel and that Rafe will become an established writer of crime fiction.

This book is a page turner that I am sure that as lovers of detective fiction you will enjoy. I recommend that you place an advance order with Amazon for the book that is to be released in February so that you have it as soon as it is published and can enjoy it during the cold February days.