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Predicted collapse and breakup of the USA

Predicted collapse and breakup of the USA

Russian professor and information warrior, Igor Panarin, has predicted the collapse and breakup of the USA. (Potential artists' renderings 1 2) The interview was originally reported in the Russian newspaper, Izvestia. (Google Translated) The prediction has been met with varying levels of credulity, scoffed at by some and embraced by others. The prediction, which goes so far as to speculate exactly how the US might reorganize, was posted to Drudge and has offended many bloggers who, while excited by the prospects of secession, are insulted by the insinuation that the south may go Hispanic and not Confederate.

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Civil unrest of the magnitude that spawns attempted sucessions will lead to the establishment of an American empire...autocratic rule. Whom the military sides with will control the country.