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No heart should ever miss

No heart should ever miss
No heart should ever miss


No bird should ever miss the exuberant breeze; the
unsurpassable bits of vivacious sky; which triggered
it to shrug all inhibitions and perpetually fly,

No panther should ever miss the exotic wilderness of
the fathomless jungle; the kingly ambience of the
royal den which passionately awaited its oligarchic

No butterfly should ever miss flamboyant sunlight;
those vividly boisterous rays that unveiled its
grandiloquent beauty; fomented it to gleefully fun and

No fish should ever miss the ravishingly swirling sea;
the unfathomable depths of emerald water which made
them magnificently glide like a prince; till times
ahead of eternity,

No cloud in the cosmos should ever miss the torrential
fountain of rain; the incomprehensible sea of golden
water which tumbled down in ecstatic frenzy; upon
disastrously parched ground,

No mother should ever miss playing with her most
cherished child; tossing it amicably in air; after
harnessing it with her blood and milk,

No glowworm should ever miss the stupendously alluring
night; the voluptuous blanket of blackness that aptly
propelled it to emanate its dazzling glow,

No eyelid should ever miss a flirtatious wink; the
infinitesimally inconspicuous action which sparked of;
a flurry of mischievously animated smiles,

No lip should ever miss an insatiably passionately
kiss; the ardent caress which made it float in realms
of impregnably fascinating fantasy,

No tortoise should ever miss the sprawling meadow of
plush grass; the astoundingly remarkable bliss it was
blessed to laze in; along with pecking at a festoon of
innocuous insects wandering carelessly around,

No pen should ever miss to marvelously scribble and
write; the insurmountable grandiloquence it imparted
to simple words; granting them a stature beyond the

No fruit should ever miss the tantalizing bedcover of
succulent leaves; the boundless network of chocolate
brown tendrils which sequestered it from the most
turbulent storm and rain,

No serpent should ever miss guarding an
unprecedentedly colossal treasury of gold biscuits;
protecting perseveringly earned wealth with the power
of its irrefutably sacred hood,

No valley should ever miss the ingratiatingly spell
binding echo; the enigmatic tunnel of reverberations
that diffused thereafter; the captivating tunes which
had so much to say,

No mind should ever miss a relentlessly proliferating
fantasy; the indefatigably enchanting reverie it
placed the body in; to exist even beyond infinite

No ear should ever miss the fabulously gorgeous tunes
of the nightingale; the overwhelmingly seductive
melody in the rhapsodic sound; which made the soul
oblivious to all inexplicable misery and sadness,

No throat should ever miss heavenly mountain water;
the divinely liquid that cascaded down gently from the
pristine slopes; imparting ultimate contentment to the
viciously struggling conscience,

No nostrils should ever miss compassionately volatile
breath; the cloudbursts of rejuvenating air flowing
incessantly into the lungs; pioneering fresh traces of
life every unfurling instant,

And no heart should ever miss the immortal river of
love; which made just one singular life of tangible
existence; equivalent to countless more lifetimes…..