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Man comes without anything. Lives without anything. Dies without anything.

Man comes without anything. Lives without anything. Dies without anything.
Man comes without anything. Lives without anything. Dies without anything.


Bizarre loneliness when I was writing; after all who’d sit beside an eccentrically fanatic brain; try and decipher the infinite wild fantasies that engulfed each ounce of his soul till times beyond eternity,

Wretched loneliness when I was eating; after all who’d relish the prospect of waiting till forgetfully odd hours of the day and night; to see me devour gigantic chunks of food at a time; with my unkempt bohemian hands,

Crippling loneliness when I was driving; after all who had the zeal to wade through a boundless kilometers on the trot on plain roads; transported to another world of divine sublimity—with the congruent and incongruent beats of full volume music,

Insane loneliness when I was on bed; after all who’d want to stay wide awake like the ghoulish owl all night; and then snore like a dead man as the Sun unrelentingly blazed and burnt all arid day,

Vindictive loneliness when I was in a formal party; after all who’d want to stand with an emotional fool who spoke like a new born baby with his heart; shrugging deep into his shell amidst the tiniest manipulative subtleties of the tongue,

Forlorn loneliness when I was walking; after all who’d want to amble with a person who kept unabashedly gazing at the sky—divulging his innermost secrets with it; rather than trust the frivolously prejudiced human race,

Abject loneliness when I was angry; after all who’d want to be beside an individual who was insanely ready to quit his life that very moment; for protecting even the tiniest leaf of the tree which the society outside massacred on various religious pretexts,

Egregious loneliness when I was victorious; after all who’d want to be a part of ones ecstatically unabashed celebrations; which saw one cuddle just like an inconsolably crying newborn child; into the lap stretched from the idol of the Creator Divine,

Disastrous loneliness when I faltered and floundered; after all who’d want to be a part of a reclusively dogmatic losing camp; in this world where each second unfurling was defined as quick money,

Despairing loneliness when I bonded into matrimony; after all who’d accept an esoteric recluse lost in an entrenchment of enigma 24 X 7; when there were so many societal formalities to be relished & fulfilled,

Sadistic loneliness when I ventured to earn; after all who’d pat the back of an employee who made the entire organization bankrupt in a single instant; donating every bit of wealth towards philanthropy and all ailing living kind,

Inexplicable loneliness when I chatted with my kin; after all who’d want their sibling to be writing poetry sitting at home all the time; when the society outside was minting millions with every stroke of technology,

Brutal loneliness when I visited the doctor; after all who’d associate with an epitome of fanatic sensitivity; wherein the world stood wholesomely ready to be clinically cured & executed,

Jinxed loneliness when I tried to save mother nature; after who’d want to make me a friend and thus relinquish cutting those freshly born branches of the tree; which were infact an ungainly nuisance to their otherwise crystal clear vision,

Debilitating loneliness when I visited the temple; mosque; church or monastery; after all who’d like to befriend someone who trespassed beyond his own religion; visualizing only a singleton form of the Lord in each holy place of bountiful worship,

Insidious loneliness when I converted into humanity; after all who’d like to chat with someone who’d chosen a religion which simply wasn’t defined in the infinite pages of what their ancestors and society had to say,

Satanic loneliness when I adopted a child; after all who’d want to mingle their potently masculine or feminine shadows; with a man whom they thought had adopted; only for he was too weak to procreate his very own blood,

Diabolical loneliness when I died; after all who’d want to associate even in the most remotest possible way with the lifeless; in their so called triumphant terminologies and successful management mantras of life,

And though all my life I refused to believe this; but how true was it when God said; that man comes on this earth without anything; continues to symbiotically exist without anything; and eventually goes under the soil; again without anything. After all who are we to challenge his Omnipotent principles of existence?