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In October

In October

The month of October brings more of the same.  There is work to be done and I am thoroughly enthused by the notion.  My publisher and I are pulling together a fantastical touring and marketing plan for The Vixen Manual and my heavy handed involvement is making all the difference between your run-of-the-mill book tour and what is to become the new standard in the literary touring process.

Details remain under wraps, ofcourse, but the online, print and media marketing campaign is one to watch for and, as always, I am drawn to innovation and refuse to follow conventional thinking and exaggerated wisdom!

My website keeps readers up to date and at Twitter.com, the updates are in real time.  I am currently building a new online community and preparing to start showing pieces of The Vixen Manual to elite members of the press for blurbage, which is NOT a word but I find it amusing nonetheless...blurbage.  I am also preparing to shoot photos for the book's ad campaign and the details of that are almost unbelievable.  As always, I will not disappoint and will most likely offend a few.

I love my job.

I have never known such freedom and growth and am thrilled at the woman and the author this process has made me.


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the marketing intrique

whatever you are doing it's working: i read what you wrote and felt intriqued...  nice piece of guerrilla marketing; a promise of innovation is hard to ignore...

good going,