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working mule

It is now a known facts that condition in our place of works were no better ;with many draconian,herculian policy/measures in place by many employers of labour which are all dehumanizing.

Workers wellfares and general development were never put into consideration,rather it only policies and understanding that suit their purpose that were use as criterial to runs,governed,or ruuled this workers.

Often times, this are very detrimental,suppressive,oppresive; agressive to the living standards pus general welbeing of this workers.for example,it is a common knowkedge for workers to get killed,suffered an emotional injury,or better still sustained a very serious injury in the course of their jobs; yet nothing is done to cushoned or ameliorate the effects,either compensation or betterment are on zero level.

Workers are not insured for any eventuality,no gratuity as this employers of labour shy away from  anything that can bring workers development at his own loss.

In furtherance to this,workers were employed without even paying their first salary;why this is possible is because of large numbers of employable populace without nothing to do roaming the street.if any applicant cannot abide by this he or she were asked to go.

There are strict time of resumption, but without any fixed time for closure,which could not be said to be an overtime;workers welfarism is nohing to write home about, as   workers tiniest specks or predicaments are vehemently shun away from.

Though workers salaries are mere stipends,to keep them going on;not meant for buying car,build house,or getting married as they were all told when coming in.female workers are the most worst hit because they are not suppose to get married even if she want to,talkless of getting pregnant.

Worker`s salaries are also subject in the hand of behavioural scientist who are always bias egocentric because worker means of livelihood were place on the hand.this flotsam and tetsam are very good at profligacy,cronyism,and favouritism.

Yet they expect good result from all workers irrespectives of their standing;workers who are subjected to inhuman condition abject poverty in the midst of affluence and oppulence.

This employers of labour always claimed to hold the yam;hold the knife, truelly they are all clown and a jester who sing support of trade uninionism,socialisim and communismbut rather they one of the very sophisticated and organized criminality,very elusive like a blue winds.