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opa olapitu

Like a beautiful maiden

juice like an apple

so difficult to resist

yet cynamide in entireity 


The trickster have landed

shining like a new penny

roaming and looking for who to devoured

a self made prophet of dooming.


See her,walked elegantly and subtlelly

subterfuge her presumptous ways and antics

slyfully bleeding her innocent victimst to oblivion

by a conceal concealment of traps and trickery


Have you seen her ?

a mocking bird,tearing her victim apart by conjuring 

then,managing their emotion and mind

from her gleeful mocking and backstabbed.


Who told you,that your deception and trickery can last longer

that nobody can limit your pestering and intimidation,

that your charms and antics have no boundaries

nor crack your imitation and counterfeiting


The trickster have forgotten,

that this world is ruled by laws

that will automatically made her reign shorter

as a watch man is coming to cracked the code of your concealment,announcing you a master illusionist.