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A symptoms of eroded minds 

Dancing to the tuned loss hope

Drummed by saddled hopelessness

Ochestrated by hapless failuere and rejection



A symptoms of depressive moods 

In the of the musketeers 

Precipating ones self esteem

And puppeting commitedly through depressive reaction



A symptoms of graviest anxiety 

Occassioned by consistent learned helplessness

Of inability to turn negativity to positivity 

As aspiration made decrepit by genetic bias



A symptoms of listlessness and emotional aparthy 

That diffidently lower self esteem and confidentiality

As a result of debilitating periods of self hatred and harms

By doleful persistent thought of death wish 



A symptoms of bad tempered and tantarums

When segregation brought tears and cast glooms on ones mind

Debarring ones reverred chances and opportunity 

Because of these deluded minds and failures



Be observants and listen

With weary eye and little sleep 

To break the shackles and free your mind 

By simply seek help and talk about the worries.