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blue hill



  what will i do when my memory,

  kept dragging me here and there,

 dilly-dally me now and then,

 my habit refused to die here and now


  i was so immersed in the sane old pain

  if only i could forget these sabotage dream

  which kept dwelling on my past and present

  saying good-bye,my bad habit could have been devilled


  now it is so hard for me to say good-bye

  from these intoxicated smoking habit 

  as i kept evolving smoke like a chimney

  though my mind,my soul,rebuff smoking 


  how i reboot,these smoked habit 

  i can not perceived nor recede 

  making let go an herculean task

  by my feeling and wrong preception for smoking

BUT,then i spring up like a bird 

momemtarily,i could say good-bye

to my smoking habit

how it happened i could not perceived

because my admirers could not and still not believe

that i have transcend smoking habit