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My passion,My obsessio,And my fixation

  My passion,my obsession and fixation are functions of each other,

  So, passionately i strives everyday to fight for palm kernel;

   when my teeth is stronger,

   and to make my hay when the sunshine.

   to paddled my own canoe,jealously

   when my lake is full or at the brim est

   to clear my farm when my cutlass is sharpen most

   to worked my hardest,

  when my bone is stronger.

   hence, i thought continually,my obsession

    to be a humanist ,from which,

   many derived its grains and green

   a shelter to the unwanted and down trodden

   a voice for the voiceless, a comforter.

   again to be as gentle,and as harmless as a dove

   to be a house full of milk and honey 

   where there is sweetness on every angles

   not a back-bitters nor back-stabbers,

   neither will speak evil of fellow being for any reason,

   but to as a beautiful as a doll in a decor glass,

   the reason i want to be a dreamer at a time,

   the dream of multi-cultural pedagogy,

   so,i fixed my gaze on strong chord of faith,

   that the impossible can become good,good,possible.