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I'd like to run something by you, lovely people.

I'm planning on blogging my ENTIRE third novel, Thaw.

The novel consists of Ruth's diary over three months as she decides whether or not she wants to carry on living.

Ruth's diary starts on March 1st, and the paperback of the book is out on February the 1st next year. I'd be blogging the book, one day per day, one month after the book comes out and over the next three months.

Here's how the blog will look.

So what do you think? Would you be interested in reading an entire novel in this fashion? Might you be tempted to buy the book rather than wait for the rest of the story to appear? Have you heard anything about authors that give away books 'for free'? Would it be better to just blog the first month or two? (that feels mean to me)

I'd be really interested in your feedback.

PS the photo is Maggi Hambling's Scallop (2003) in Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast, which is important to the climax of the novel...

PPS I have checked this out with my lovely publishers at Snowbooks. It would have been naughty not to.

PPPS many thanks to the lovely jem of - the sound of splinters - for making the little pictures for me - she's offered to make me three months worth - hurray for jem.

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Your quandary

Relative to my own fiction, I'm asking myself the same questions, so I won't be of much help to you, I fear. But I vote for posting the whole novel. I doubt that I'd read it and then buy it, but I certainly might buy your other novels as a result.
I worry more about the technical aspects of a blook: how to set it up, (though you seem to have done a good job of it); how many words per posting; how to incorporate a bit of illustration; etc.
I don't even know how to archive, say, yesterday's posting so tht my blog doesn't run on and on like a long river.
Finally, you seem to WANT to do it. So do it! ~Bob Lamb

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. . . I worry more about the

. . . I worry more about the technical aspects of a "blook" . . .



Robert, are you so techno-savvy that you invented a new term?

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My first question is what

My first question is what did your publisher think this idea would do to/for sales?

I have written a novel in diary segments and I would not want to even read it via a blog. For every one of me there is probably an opposing view.

I also feel that, too quickly, people will just forget to tune in day-by-day.

If you expect feed-back, why not try this and then let that feed-back help you decided whether to go past the first couple of months?

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Since you've run the idea by your publisher...

I think this might work well, Fiona, for a 'diary' novel, or a real journal, but wouldn't be tempted to do it wholesale with any other kind of format. You have every chance of hooking interest if the feel of the book echoes the reader's daily routines.

As to whether it would be lucrative, I err on the side of the view that any publicity is good publicity. It doesn't have to be rational.

The irony of all the new technology that's beginning to free the independent voice, is that, short of actual plagiarism, authors can't afford to be too uptight about their rights in the traditional sense. You either have a passion to write, or you don't, and I'd advise anyone, especially an author of fiction, to give up now if they don't.

With fiction in general, I might seriously consider giving a whole book away on the purchase of a second, but a mainstream publisher is unlikely to agree to that.

As to feedback on the work itself, my impression is that RR is not the forum for that. People seem seldom to comment on book extracts. However, you can gauge interest in your blog via your dashboard which usually doesn't bear any relation to the number of comments.

Hope THAW's a success!

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Thanks all

Thanks all for your comments - all very helpful. I've also had some interesting feedback at my blog http://www.plantingwords.com. I'm definitely going to go ahead!

Dale - my publisher thought it was an interesting idea, and there does seem to be anecdotal evidence that it's helpful to give a book away - but it'll be an experiment...

I'll let you know how it goes!


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Late to the conversation

I am late to this conversation, but I think its a great idea. In fact, a while ago I started posting sample chapters of a novel I wrote in journal format on my blog. I love the idea of posting the whole novel on its own blog! I would love to know how this works out for you.

I don't know how to post a link here, but this is the link to the sample chapters I put on my blog.



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Thanks Meredith

I'll def. let you know how it goes - off to check out your link!