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Feb.23.2011 - 10:35 am
Fingerpuppets @ O'Neills 3-12, 3rd and King SF
The eyes of the Irish often sport a green iris—the circular component that gives eyes their color. The iris is where ire can be spotted because the eyes mirror the mind. Perhaps...
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Jan.21.2011 - 4:00 pm
First page
The “Bow Wow” theory postulates that the origins of speech are based on early humans’ imitation of animal sounds. You can guess by the name how seriously this theory is considered...
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Oct.07.2010 - 10:15 am
It was a time in our lives when we were lining our inner lids: the skin perpendicularly abutting the eye, that narrow parapet of flesh, wet and glistening as we laid down a...
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Feb.24.2010 - 5:53 pm
A bevy of Bs?
If you want to describe something to someone, but neither of you speak the same language, drawing a picture is the simplest way to get your point across. A picture is worth a...
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Comments from Jennifer

Oct.09.2010 - 2:01 pm
In response to: A One-Night Stand
I'm still trying to get my mind around you being sick while losing your virginity. My husband and I determined that the...
Oct.07.2010 - 11:29 pm
In response to: A One-Night Stand
It is very nice of you to write. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. I live in the Bay Area now, and it's not as...
Mar.02.2010 - 12:35 pm
In response to: Breasts, Vaginas, and Tools: Musings on the Roots of the Alphabet, by Jennifer Ball
Go to www.originofalphabet.com for the full text