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Waking up
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Waking up,

My arm brushes across where you used to be.

The space is still warm as if you just stepped away.

Your scent is still trapped in these sheets.


They were going too fast. Maybe a sharp turn.

We never went so fast. We wanted to make sure we did it all just right.


They drank a little too much. Not a care, no one to stop them.

We always paced our celebrations. Make them worthwhile.


You were so shy when we met, quiet and reserved.

Most likely the same when they took you away.


Trapped that way, I cringe at the thought.

For heaven's or even hell's sake.


Confined and scared? Is that a tear?

We said we'd always comfort each other in such a circumstance.


You overseas, not a thing I could do.

It's heartbreaking how a country's disagreements could separate our love.


Tell me it was painless.

Tell me your pure heart guided your kind soul to where it belongs.


I feel you so near.

"Who are you talking to?"


I was speaking to you. You look so real.

"Why should I not be?"

The three ways you left me.

Oh, nightmares again.

No more television news before bed.