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Love Hurts
broken heart


It is really a great feeling to love and be loved in return, to be with some one that completes you. It really feels good when you spend most of your time with the person who means so much to you.  Those times you cuddle with the person you love, whisper sweet nothings on each others ear.  Or simply stare at each other’s eyes and just let the heart speaks. 

But then when we fall in love and indulge ourselves into a relationship the common ending is……

We are left crying  and agonizing because of the person we loved.

It wasn’t really a fairytale that has always a happy ending.  

I’ve seen people who suffered because of that so called love, how they became bitter because of it. I heard different stories of how two people fell out of love and parted ways. I was told by some friends how much they sacrificed, and how much they were hurt because of love. And I myself have my own version of how this so called love caused me with so much pain. It was really painful. The sorrow kills day by day. It’s so hard to get over love.

But here’s the quote:

If you don’t fall in love, you’re not human

If you don’t get hurt, you’re not human either.

Humans have emotions. Humans have feelings.



Nothing in this world is permanent. Everything changes.

When you love, don’t expect too much.

Instead expect to be hurt.

Because when you do, it won’t be that painful. That’s the rule!

Love as much as you could, give as much as it needs.

But when it doesn’t work anymore, be like a soldier that knows when to surrender.


Bear in mind,

that maybe the person whom we love so dear walks out of our lives because in the long run, someone better will come. Someone who will give more love. Someone that won’t hurt us. Someone who won’t give us false hope and someone who will value us .

But if at the end of the day, the person who hurt us is trying to come back in our life. We need give it another try that is why there is what they call “second chance”.Everybody deserves it anyway. Who knows, he changed for the better. And as people say, love is sweeter the second time around.




Love with out pain is impossible.