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Published by The Other Side
Farzana Versey is a well-known, independent minded and rather spunky writer whose introverted public personality camouflages a healthy irreverence in her writings for many of the...
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Published by The Organiser
Indian Muslims are ghettoed in Pakistan Farzana Versey has brought out history through her travel fable that holds bare the social milieu enshrining the psychological vagaries of...
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Published by The Statesman
There’s a saying in Hindi which goes: dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka, na ghat ka. The washerman's dog doesn't know where he belongs, whether at home or at the ghats with his master....
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Published by Deccan Herald
The book tries to give as complete a slice of Pakistani society as possible, without any obfuscation no matter how disconcerting the narrative and introduces an array of...
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Published by The Mail Today
WHAT makes an Indian woman undertake four trips to Pakistan in a span of six years? No, it wasn’t with a book in mind — Farzana Versey, the author of A Journey Interrupted, Being...
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Published by India Today
It’s a troubling journey into a complex society trapped between western liberalism and radical Islam, where distortions about India and Indian Muslims dominate most conversations...
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Published by The News, Pakistan
Being a Muslim in India is a tough job. Threatened and terrorised by a growing number of Hindu militant extremists, and constantly looked at with suspicion and treated with a...
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Published by Daily News and Analysis (DNA)