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I hear literary agents are wooing Sarah Palin. I can also hear the tut-tuts doing the rounds with a sneer. Oh dear, she will cash in on this, they will say. Sure as hell she will, as she must. If others can capitalise on her “blonde moment” and her banality, then so can she. Forget her politics,...
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Actress Helen Mirren believes that female jurors are more likely to think rape victims had “asked for it”, because they are sexually jealous. In the interview to Britain’s Sunday Times magazine, she said: “Whether in a deep-seated animalistic way, going back billions of years, or from a...
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WWI in colour
At a time when we are inundated with war-like situations and images flash at us in almost synchronised form and seem colour-coordinated to match the backdrop, we have become lobotomised creatures. If at all we react it is because our systems and sensibilities are affected, not due to any revulsion...
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It was my first journalistic assignment; I was to cover an art exhibition. “You artist?” I heard a male voice ask in heavily-accented English. “No,” I said with becoming modesty. “You interested in art very much.” “Yes,” I said, hoping I carried the burden of knowledge lightly. There was a large...
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I used to like circles: There was a centre, a circumference, nothing sharp that would stick out and poke. I was wrong. Circles hurt. You move from the centre towards a point, you travel through a bend; it can get heady but you are curving along the route, seeing things from a different perspective...
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The proper maverick thing to do is to run down clichés. Yech, I wouldn't touch that one with a bargepole. Hah, got you. There is one more cliché. I cannot baulk at them because I have always believed that clichés become clichés because they express sentiments or reality continually. Language has...
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Teeth leave razor-sharp marks on my lips Vultures wait To declare my fate I have swallowed my tongue I cannot taste hate Say, say, say Voices echo through the vacant valley Far away sitting in an alley I carve out a piece of sky And gift it with rain from my eyes.
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"There is this 7-day miracle cream," I told a friend. "I want it." "But you don't have wrinkles," she said. "Here," I said, pointing to the fine lines that appeared as I crinkled my eyes in a bizarre Mao Zedong smile. "Those are laugh lines. You don't...
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The other day I was faced with an unusual remark: “You don’t look like a divorcee.” This was a hip woman who had seen enough of the world to be eligible for emotional qualifier miles. I did not know her well enough. Someone had just introduced us and in passing mentioned my ‘status’. She had given...
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All she wanted to do was lie close to me and fall asleep. I cared enough to want to share bits of her life, her walks, and her falls. I just could not give myself. Even with the distance, I felt it would be wrong to lead her on. We had never met. I have still not understood: why me? She empathised...
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autumn and me
Dust and soot greeted me on my return. I could have pitched a tent. My gypsy self came back...to what? It had been a longish time away from home. I ran my fingers over the table top. A tiny film of black stared at me. The portion where I had run my finger was now bare glass; I could now see...
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Once, when I discovered some people finding it difficult to comprehend a poem I had written, it set me thinking. At that time a line had come to mind: His shadow loomed over my naked body.What could this mean? Several things, mainly the obvious. But for me it was a simple reality...I was in the...
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Pierce the skewer into me Place me wholeIn the barbeque pitTurn me overTo sizzleVeins ruptureGlow a deep pinkAs fire burnsBrowns meBring me outJuices intactA smoky scentRents the airPour the sauceOver my bodyCarve out large chunksWith a serrated knifeSlice a pieceEatLipsTurn crimson with meYou chew...
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I have this strange desire to lose my way. Whenever we are going anywhere and suddenly the person with me forgets the directions, I feel a great thrill. Years ago when I was dating my ex, I remember how he panicked when we landed up in some obscure lane. I wanted to dine at a Chinese restaurant in...
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Why is Ms. Palin being made out to be a bimbo when everyone else is in the process of selling themselves as well? Had I been a US citizen it is most certain that I would not vote Republican, but I find the treatment given out to Sarah quite distasteful. How many American feminists have raised...
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