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Give it to meYou sayLying on the cold floorAsking for moreOf the sameNow hollowMy skeleton dancesYou penetrate through the bonesThe belly cage heavesNo breastsNo cheeksNo lipsThe neck you longed to lickIs a fragile stickStones fall from eyesRemnants of the graveMy incisor smileSplotched with red...
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We are free today? Rubbish. Slaves walk, talk, mock. Kuttey-kaminey, a curse made famous by Bollywood, is a reality. The strays are left to fend for themselves. Base instincts prevail. We threw out the British 62 years ago on August 15 and internalised colonialism. Yes, they unfurled flags today....
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I can hear the drums. A bunch of young people will form a human pyramid and break a clay pot filled with curd and lots of money. Gods don’t come cheap anymore. The stakes are up. Because devotees are full of greed. Today is Janmashtmi, the birth of Lord Krishna. As a young boy he survived attempts...
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...oh, okay, that's stretching it...You have all read about script reading sessions. Let me relate one. A debutant film director, who is already established in another aspect of film-making for which he has won awards, approached me a while ago to write a script. He had read my columns on...
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Can you face the truth? This is what an Indian television show based on America’s The Moment of Truth seems to ask its guests and, vicariously, its participants. Sach ka Saamna has already landed in trouble because people are confessing about their sex lives, their marital discords, their...
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Red came into my life when there was room for nobody. It was empty. Emptiness takes up all the space. Red was lying among several soft toys. Women younger than me were buying those for their kids. I spotted Red, arms akimbo. I touched it, just a little brush, with the nonchalance I need to practise...
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“Your flight has been rescheduled,” was the text message. It was followed by a voicemail. The messages were not for me. My phone was in silent mode. I read and heard both these the next day. It was for a person with a very long name travelling on an international carrier from a far-off land. Why...
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Two women are running for the post of Afghanistan’s President in the elections to be held on August 20. They announced their decision and plastered the walls with their pictures. We know that the Taliban would most certainly not appreciate this. It will be interesting to see how the US government...
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I thought the dust mites were dust. I let them stay and build little homes on the keyboard. I thought they looked like characters I could write about. I fancied them fattened on air or flattened by a bludgeoning poke. I realised they were alive when the mount of Venus on my palm blushed; they were...
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She exposed pink underwear worn under a short black leather kimono. Japan’s finalist for the Miss Universe, Emiri Miyasaka, caused a bit of a storm in the preliminaries. Is the reaction prudish? I think not. I am often amused by how these beauty pageant winners are termed ambassadors of nations....
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A gay friend once called me homophobic. I had mentioned in passing that he was trying to be “too gay”. “What is too gay?” Being gay is essentially about a sexual identity, and although sexuality is an important part of human existence it is not something that has to be flaunted. Does it mean I do...
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I make friends with feathers rather than birds. I can chase them and know that even if they fly away they will not die. They will not cry or scream or bleed. They will not point with accusation at the knife in my hand that was merely cutting strings. A feather has a strong scent when it first...
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Just as we were about to touch the ground, the aircraft made a huge rumbling sound. The passengers had already begun to fidget in preparation - a quick run of comb, mobile phones ready to be switched on, newspapers rumpled and pushed into seat pockets. Before anything could register we were up in...
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He might smirk at me and spit out that I am a romantic capitalist. Torun Honda, guru of the 2-D love movement, believes if you shun 3-D relationships your cup will runneth over. We are given the example of Nisan who shares his home, his parents, his innermost secrets with Nemutan. He rubs her leg...
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I did not see the eclipse. I did not see the sun, either. There are times I don't see much. At other times, too much. I like the idea of the sun blocked by the moon...it is like day becoming night. There is beauty when something we take for granted is suddenly hidden from us, taken away even for a...
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