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If birds were to crash into clouds

Would their feathers

Get wet?

~ ~

A sparrow drinks off a puddle

Its thirst does not know

The meaning of dirt

~ ~

No tree remembers

Woodpeckers that knock

On its doors

~ ~

They should have remain caged

I let out the two love birds

Who flew away in different directions

~ ~

Crows line up on cable wires

They resemble black flags

In mourning

~ ~

Parrots green like raw lemons

Vampire beaks peck

At fruit neck

~ ~

The kingfisher flies over water

Swoops down on a fish

Baits watch with envy

~ ~

The dove does not know of war

It laughs when released in the sky

To herald peace

~ ~

The cuckoo calls loud

Lightening before rains

Wounds before pain

~ ~

A kite visits my window.

Looks me in eye

Turns its back and shuts the door on me



(c) Farzana Versey

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Farzana, Each window, like a

Farzana, Each window, like a shadow box. I enjoyed them all. The first is wonderfully thought inducing. And the crows—Crow is a kindred sprit—I especially like the image and feeling you created with this one.

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Rebbecca: I like the idea of


I like the idea of a shadow box. Thank you. Yes, crows, the ordinary, maligned crows...I just felt this way.


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This is such an exquisite meditation on our feathered friends, yet of course, it is so much more than a poem about birds. I found it to be an allegorical treatise comparing the follies and tragic condition of our human existence with the flight of birds, who transcend this lived reality. I love the stanza about the doves, and the opening stanza is koan like. The entire poem is simple and oh so evocative.

I have been away from reading you because of work commitments, and am so pleased to return to this entry.



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You caught me out, or perhaps there is nothing I write that is just about what it appears. Each is indeed about a phase, also personal. There are times I find that analysing works, but when there is too much happening I feel the need to just pare it down to the minimal. It gives me a quick look at the immensity through a microscope, as it were.

Lovely to see you here, although I too have been remiss in posting/commenting.