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There were crumbs on the plate, more than crumbs. I threw them away. The nail varnish on my toes is chipped; the wild violet is now a bruise. The mirror has been half-cleaned and looks like a distorted image of itself. I snipped off the bottoms of my loose slacks since it is so warm in here and did not hem the edges; threads hang loose like roots of trees dried and dying. The shelf has been half dusted, so the glass reflects the pieces on them differently – the ceramic poses beautifully and the fisherman in wood appears to be looking for catch in some desert. The paper flies. I rush to catch it, thinking that I might lose my thoughts along with it. I grip it like a seasoned pro and I look at its scrunched, hunched form and straighten it. It is blank. A blank sheet flew away from the many pages I keep. The words were there enclosed in other pages. Like cages they seemed now when I thought about this blank sheet that flew and got scrunched in my palm and meant so much.

Fragments mean a lot…I do not want completion, I do not want closure. I want bricks to show through walls to know how they got built. I want the pauses to finish my sentences and half-open eyes to dream real tears.

I want to remain unfinished.

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I admire lucidly imagistic

sequences of thought like yours.

There's more hope for the whole in 'unfinished'.

'Existence is a series of footnotes to a vast, obscure, unfinished masterpiece.' Vladimir Nabokov.

It depends where you fit the frame.

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Sometimes, it is difficult

Sometimes, it is difficult for the frame to fit anywhere, too. So it goes into the basement and is dusted and brought out anew. I guess that is the point of 'unfinished'. Renewal.

Thanks, Rosy, appreciate your comment and Nabokov is apt here.


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Unfinished is perfect ~f -

Unfinished is perfect ~f - your words are like jagged pieces of life that reach into my soul-m

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M, I feel that the

M, I feel that the unfinsihed is perfect too. No stratification, just the possibility of a continuum. Like words that reside in other souls, even if for a brief while.

Thank you...