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I hate undergarments. I find them constricting. And, yet, I cannot resist the lure of lingerie. Forget the lacy, satiny stuff, but I once got myself a sports bra. Now, it makes sense if you are doing something that might take a part of you in two different directions, but how on earth does one wear a sports bra while lounging? Same goes for the Wonderbra. My advice to any woman who wants it/needs it/is curious about it is: Avoid. I felt I was carrying the weight of the whole T&A brigade on me and it wasn’t one bit flattering.

The array that is available is truly mind-boggling. There are ones filled with gel to give that jiggly look, then the underwired, low-cut, high-cut, cross-strap, no strap…there are ones for T-shirts and I know there are ones that specifically keep a tiny hole for the nipples to stand out.

In school when we were considered old enough, it was made mandatory by the nuns that we should wear ‘bloomers’ during sports and physical training classes. They were horrendous blooming things that reached the high thigh with thick elastic to keep it in place, so when our uniforms rode up all you got to see were two grey fluffy clouds.

I also do not understand why we want satin/silk undies in humid climate…but we want them so bad that it is terribly sexy, just the wanting…which brings me to the highly-overrated thong. The only clothes it comes in good use for are sarees and tight but flimsy pants, where the panty-line looks ugly. Darn it, how can any woman walk around with one strip of bandage being held together by a longer strip that circles the waist, with the butt and almost everything else being left to the elements? What is the logic? Does it have sex appeal? Yeah, a bit…but all the moving a woman does is only so that the damn thing in the middle stays where it is meant to be.

Is it all illusion…the maya of the middle path?

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My Wonderbras are so-o-o-o-o

My Wonderbras are so-o-o-o-o uncomfortable. And thongs seem so. . .well, unhygienic.

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Ellen, I didn't

I didn't think about the hygiene bit about thongs while writing, but it's so true.

The sexiest bras are nude-coloured transparent ones. Not fussy but lots to fuss over...