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Somewhere and Deadends

“I thought we were going somewhere.”

“Somewhere tires me.”

“Then how about somewhere else?”

“Else? As in, ‘or else’…”?

“This is not a threat.”

“Everything is a threat.”

“Going somewhere of your choice cannot be a threat.”

“Making choices is a threat.”

“It means you have choices.”

“It can also mean there are no choices and yet I have to choose.”

“How can you choose roads at a deadend?”

“The deadend is the end of the road.”

“But the only choice is to turn back.”

“That is not a choice. It is a threat.”

“For what?”

“To return.”

“Why do you not wish to return?”

“I did not say that. I said it is a threat. It means you reach a deadend because of where youcame from, that is the betrayal.”

“So, you can go back and go somewhere else.”

“This was somewhere else from where I was.”

“What about the others?”


“Does that frighten you?”

“No. I find the word amusing. The end is dead!”


“More like an elegy to a requiem.”


(c) Farzana Versey

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Very nicely done.

Your wit bespeaks itself. I'll be sharing this on my facebook page as well, and of course, with all due credits.

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Thank you for the comment and

Thank you for the comment and for sharing it. I do believe that such introspection opens up one's mind. If there be wit in it, then one can smile as well while cogitating.