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Moon, Smoke, Dust

Now I know what once in a blue moon means. On the eve of 2010, if you look up at the sky you might find a moon that appears blue. Of the 12 full moons very year, once between two and three years we get this extra one.

Where does it get its colour from? Scientists say it is due to smoke from fire or dust particles in the atmosphere.

I always thought that the tint came when the moon borrowed a bit of sky light in the day.

Isn’t it strange that what we find captivating has reasons that are less than enchanting? What fire smoke has reached it? Is it forest fires, fires that the poor light in winters, fires that are brought upon unsuspecting people, fires that destroy? What happens to fires that are doused before their smoke begins to curl upwards and find its identity?

Do these fires have a nationality, a faith, an agenda? Do they gather dust particles along the way?

Or are those dust particles independent and rise from the earth, from polluting substances, from muddied corpses? Do all the dusts meet and decide to attack the moon? Why does only that one moon get affected? Why is it so vulnerable?

Seven times a year it is assaulted. Smoke and dust wrap themselves around it, throttle it till it cannot breathe and turns blue in the face.

I won’t look up at the sky that night.

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Could not resist f - have a great New Year - love m

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Thanks, M, for Ella, for

Thanks, M, for Ella, for more on the blue moon and for your wishes. Sorry for the late reply. But the year has just begun...so hope your moons shine brighter and light up your sky.

Love and happiness,