where the writers are
I no knot what to do...

"You know nothing about the business of writing," he told me. 

Then came the details. How to get off. Get it off. Take off. Take it off. Book launches. Public relations. Publishers and their demands. Reviewers and their demands. Readers and their demands. The format. The cover. The pages. The typeface. The people to meet. 

"What's happening with your book?" I asked him.

"I don't know."

I returned to my soggy half-finished sentence and patted it dry. 

© Farzana Versey

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Ha! Brilliant! I am often

Ha! Brilliant!

I am often told by "real" writers that I am not a proper author because:

a. I don't have a proper desk but a table with a colourful mess of lemon plants, candles, water and whatever else on it.

b. I write on the hoof rather than in a disciplined manner.

c. I write by hand, using a fountain pen, ink and paper.

d. I don't "discuss" my writing.

Go girl!

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And isn't it just so

And isn't it just so wonderful that we are not anchored to specifics and can flow into rivers and seas, and produce words even as we hit the rocks in the waterbed?