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I have this strange desire to lose my way. Whenever we are going anywhere and suddenly the person with me forgets the directions, I feel a great thrill.

Years ago when I was dating my ex, I remember how he panicked when we landed up in some obscure lane. I wanted to dine at a Chinese restaurant in a run-down locality.

Why? Just like that...I had eaten there once and, although the food was not memorable, I recall the flickering shadows cast by the red lantern. I was new to the eating-out days and dragons and lanterns made me very excited. I did not talk about "authentic cuisine". I did not even call it cuisine.

So, there we were in the middle of nowhere and he had no clue why we were there. An impeccable driver who knew exactly where to go, he was being navigated by one with no sense of direction.

"What now?"

I was laughing. I loved the music, the night air, the urchins who had fallen asleep...

"Just take a loop," I said.

I instinctively know there are no straight paths.

Sure enough, as we were turning, I yelled out, "Stop!"

There stood the obscure restaurant. It was still open. I could see the red tinge from the lanterns.

I suddenly felt a surge of having achieved something. The only way to reach someplace is to get lost along the way.

Even a dead-end is a place, isn't it?

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So is life!

I hope your instinct will keep on directing you through it.


PS I left for you a comment on my blog"the missed opportunity".

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I value intuitiveness tremendously because it comes from the subconscious where all the real planning and plotting goes on!


Sorry I missed your reply on your blog. Will check it out. Blame the diferent time zones.