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Blue Tooth, Water Song

I cannot swim. I cannot even drown. There is wood in me from the tree of life. It keeps me afloat. I ingest the tears of the ocean. I can listen to it even as my ears get blocked. Shut out the sounds. There must not be so much moaning. Water flows, they say. I still do not know where. It crashes against the shore. 

I cannot hear it. My ears, too, are filled with tears. 

- - -

Since I cannot swim, a pool-friendly bluetooth device would be pretty useless. But, I was quite enticed by the idea. All ideas entice me, especially if they are not workable. 

  • It's called the Splash 100 and comes from Behringer, a German pro-audio company, which is surprising considering it will retail for a mere $99 when it comes out later this year. It will have a 230-foot range and deliver 3.5 hours of sound from its rechargeable battery.

Imagine one is in the pool and instead of hearing our splashes, we are tuned into some music; we are blocking out the pleasure of the moment. For a 230-foot range, we forget what is right there.

I suppose this is what it is about. To connect with an ocean beyond the one we flow in, for ultimately we crash against the shore where the noises give our words meaning, or we crash into the water-bed. The signal is never weak there. I can hear the algae sing.