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Dec 2009

The author's initial schooling was in an exclusive boarding public school; wherein some of his teachers were Canadian and British. Thereafter, using his further education offhandedly, he pursued many a youthful dream; including successfully becoming a published poet; barely out of teens. A short stint in his early twenties to London too could not convince him to stay abroad; many a Punjabi's dream. It was not his.

Just when he thought he had found his rhyme and rhythm in  life, he was lead into the mystical arena of the nowhere land. This was in the early nineties. It took him into many a Himalayan adventure. His mystical experiences turned his life upside down.

Life as a well-educated, modern man was over.

Possessing a scientific temperament, whereby one only believes what one sees with one's own eyes, was  the only criteria this erstwhile atheist could use to define life. His mystical experiences showed him otherwise. A life beyond the limits of his expensive, up to date scientific education. Over and above our understanding of this world as we see it.

After the penultimate and the ultimate metaphysical experiences of 1990-94, the author tried to live a normal, every day life. Unable to do so beyond 1997, he came back to his small home town; having lived most of his life in the big, metropolitan cities of Mumbai and Delhi. To take up the mantle of a free mystic. Where he now lives; going through as majestic and mundane a life as everyone else does. With "That" Which Is.

To date, Fakeer Ishavardas has written, mostly in simple verse, nearer prose than poetry, deliberated than inebriated, some 30 metaphysical books in English, Hindi and Punjabi. 10 music albums, based on his Hindi and Punjabi poetry, have also been in public domain since 2001.

His latest book is 'YOGA OF JESUS: Cracking The Code of the Mystic Teachings of Christ. It can be checked out out on Kindle at - http://amazon.com/author/fakeer-ishavardas

'THAT WHICH IS' : The Story of God (Metaphysical Poetry) too is in the process of publication. At present, he is nearing completion of the manuscript of his sojourn into Europe in 2007-08, a metaphysical memoir of sorts; O' HOW I WONDER WHAT YOU ARE! : (Brown Man, White Land, God Man).

Upcoming Works

1. YOGA OF JESUS: Cracking The Code Of The Mystic Teachings Of Christ

2. THAT WHICH IS: The Story Of God (Verse)

3. O' HOW I WONDER WHAT YOU ARE! : Brown Man, White Land, God Man

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