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Ugh! I'm wearing my ugliest hat of all today - my angry hat! I don't even want to describe it, it's really that bad! I don't even like it, but when I try to throw it away something happens and I keep it. I don't like putting it on and I certainly don't like leaving the house with it, but it happens sometimes! When my kids see me wearing it, they stay out of my way. It is that bad!

I'm so sorry to everyone for wearing this hat! I am especially sorry for the people I'm wearing it for - I don't think you intentionally mean to hurt me, do you? I pray all the time - for wisdom, self-control and you! Still, anger seeps in sometimes and now I'm blogging about it!

 Thanks for listening, whoever is out there listening. I feel a little better...

 ~Faith H. Tydings

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Yep. We all do it...put that stupid hat on. I have come to a place in my life, that when I feel hurt or angry - I deliberately and  very intentionally act just the opposite of how I feel, and amazingly - the anger dissipates rapidly. Glad you're feeling better now.