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Lucille Clifton, poet.
I learned yesterday evening that a person very dear to me had made her transition.  Lucille Clifton is/was a poet, a mother, a children's books author, a grandmother, a teacher, and a wisewoman -- all roles she occupied fully, with grace, with abounding generosity, and with excellence.  Once you'd...
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Mama Day, by Gloria Naylor
Greetings!  I'm too short on time to write a proper blog about favorite novels, unfortunately.  But by way of thanks to all the novelists who took a moment to mention their favorite poems, I'm posting a quick list of ten novels that I love or admire.  Some are long-time favorites, some are newer...
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I don't know which is more lovely: that the RR blog topic of the week asks "What is your favorite poem?" or that my collection a half-red sea is among the books to be given to the writers of the most compelling blogs responding to this question!  I can only say that I'm glad I'm not...
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Black Nature: Four Centuries of African American Nature Poetry
[See update at P.P.S. below!]  Having just miraculously finished another chunk of my current writing project (well, it feels like a miracle!), I thought I'd take a minute to shine a light on a fabulous new poetry anthology about which I am very excited.  It's called Black Nature: Four Centuries of...
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Warrior Poet: A Biography of Audre Lorde, by Alexis De Veaux
Greetings!  I haven't posted an entry in what seems like ages, for reasons I don't have time to explain (though they could be summed up under the heading "Time" -- or lack thereof...).  So I thought I'd just drop a quick note here to prove I'm still alive.  : ) Still alive, and reading. ...
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This Thursday and Friday, I will be joyfully participating in a gathering that has come to be known as "ADFEMPO."  Before you get carried away with the acronymic possibilities, let me explain that this chunky term refers to the even chunkier title of a poetry conference; to wit: "...
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Book of Rhymes, by Adam Bradley
How many times a month does someone ask me whether rap is poetry?  More than you'd guess.  Sometimes the questioner strikes me as a rap aficionado, checking to see if I'm going to come correct.  Sometimes the question seems to come from a person who could never be persuaded to consider rap as...
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My Home in the Academy
Greetings!  I realize I've not posted in some time and, fearing that it might be awhile again yet before I can sit down to compose anything substantive, I thought I'd just drop a few lines to wish everyone who is starting back to school these days a fabulous fall semester!  I am back in the...
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Greetings!  This post is belated and, as mine always seem to be, brief, but I just wanted to report here that my week with the Community of Writers in Squaw Valley, CA was fantabulous!  It was my first time back since 10 years ago, and I had worried that my warm-fuzzy memories from 1999 had maybe...
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Sonata Mulattica, by Rita Dove
[Scroll down for an additional treat!] This is a heads-up for poetry lovers who are also classical music lovers.  Would you be interested in a book of poems that features, among other interesting characters, Ludwig van Beethoven?  If so, Rita Dove has written just the thing for you.  : ) Her...
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Current Delirious Hem Forum
The Delirious Hem strikes again!  : )  Which is to say, the blog space devoted to experimental / avant-garde / innovative women's poetry (its name comes from a brief phrase in an Emily Dickinson poem) has mounted another fabulous forum that you may want to check out.  I'm still reading around in it...
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The Dodge Poetry Festival 2008 . . . and counting?
Greetings!  I was very pleased to see the below in my inbox this morning and thought I would share it with the RR and other readers.  Let's everyone stash away a $20 (or more?) to throw in the direction of the beloved Festival, should things fall into place... Peace...
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Expressway, by Sina Queyras
I don't get to write often to this blog, and when I do, it's too frequently a rush job.  I meant to write about a book of poetry I was reading during National Poetry Month, but by time I looked up, April had whizzed past and we were well into May.  This says something about the pace of my life --...
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". . . The falcon cannot hear the falconer . . ."
I'm not able to write a proper blog entry at the moment, but I couldn't resist linking to this article, in which writer Lea Lane brings one of Yeats' best poems to bear on the moral crisis the country is struggling with today.  I thought some of you who check in here from time to time might find...
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Title Page of Phillis Wheatley Poetry Collection, 1st Ed.
Greetings!  I have been having a total blast for the last couple of days doing research on one of the poets I'm writing about in my current book project.  There is something about going solemnly into a very quiet room with a box or folder of very old, fragile documents, once held by the very person...
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