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Greetings!  It's been awhile since I've had time I felt I could spare for this blog.  I've missed being up on the Red Room news!  Life intervenes, however, as I'm sure most everyone understands . . .

Not only blogging, but also the writing of poetry itself has been on hold -- more or less -- for the past few months.  To celebrate a mini-milestone (more on which in a future post) and to break back into the habit of writing regularly, I've decided to attempt -- and I do mean attempt -- to write a poem a day for NaPoWriMo (i.e., National Poetry Writing Month).  It's April, after all!  This is the month for poetry.  (Okay, every month is the month for poetry, in my world, but still...)

Because I don't leave my poem drafts up in perpetuity, and because I don't want to turn this blog into a space of chaos (with new posts going up and coming back down daily), I've started a separate blog just for the purpose of this April's project!  Come read my drafts and fragments of poetic deadline desperation at my NaPoWriMo blog: may i have a word with you?

I'll be in and out here, too, of course!  But it's time for some poetry under pressure!  : )   Wish me luck!


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I'll read your poems Evie

Hi Evie,

I have no patience to write poetry, but I have done it. I will try and read your poems. I think Rosie Cole was doing this one poem a day, too. Every poet should have an audience, right.

Now, you've got 2x the pressure to write.

Ruth ;)

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i hope you don't regret it!


Thanks so much for providing me with a sense of audience -- you're right that it encourages the muse! (Though it also makes her nervous and on the lookout for rotten tomatoes...) : )

I hope you'll enjoy some of the pieces I come up with. Maybe you'll find the patience to put together one or two of your own this month!


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Hello Evie!

Other priorities have kept me from RR for a while so imagine how happy I was to pop in today and see your blog straight away!

I've favourited your new blog, I hope you have a fabulous NaPoWriMo, I'll be following along as you post, even though I'm the official poetry heathen. :) I hope life is being kind to you and all is well.

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Glad to see you back here,

Glad to see you back here, Evie, and I wish you tremendous luck with your poem a day!


Jessica Barksdale Inclan

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Poetry Daze

Quite an endeavor - a poem a day. I will be checking it out.
Thank you. You're actually encouraging me!

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I've subscribed as well

Hi Evie,

I've only subscribed to two sites in my life, so this is an almost first.

Maybe I'll work on some poems that I did write, but get them into better order. I know nothing about iambic pentameter and all that stuff. Well, this could be a learning experience.


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many thanks, all!

It's good to be back amidst all the infectious enthusiasm!

And, Sharon, if you're writing poems during the month, please do share them. : )

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Now, I can write poems

Now, I can write poems everyday, but you Americans are so isolationist that you don;t want my verses! Hey, Evie, hope it goes well...and guess what? If life interferes, it makes for great poetry :)Sponge...


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hey, farzana!

Don't let the "national" in NaPoWriMo stop you!  Declare this to be the month for poetry in your nation, too!   : )

Seriously, this is also IntPoWriMo (for "international" -- I'm not making this up!), so write and post as a full participant, if you're interested.  If you decide to write and post poems this month, do let me know where I can check them out...