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Dawn of a Brand New Day
Dawn Over Sea

I stand before an open wombAs a new day is being bornBeholding the dark blue chasm of skyStreaked with virgin rays of orange I am awed and humbled, as a witnessTo the majesty of it's awesome, unfolding power. Dark blue morphs into light blueAs unrelenting waves of newness and boldnessWash away the dark. Then...I look directly overheadAnd stare..... Life itself seems dividedFacing east... its daylightFacing west... its night, still. I stand,MotionlessExistingBetween eternity and timeDay and nightGood and evil. And the moon sang her song to meIn a voice commanding, yet gentle. Sing, oh moonSing of glory,Your time is almost gone. I turn,To embrace the fullness of the dawning dayAs golden beams of sunlight Bounce off the bottom of cloudsShouting the glory of God... Daylight!!!It shines!!Oh My God, it shines!!!Welcome! The dawn of a brand new day! Copyright ©1993 Everest John Alexander