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Sarah Palin: Christian Leader?
Sarah Palin

What kind of Christian Leader is Sarah Palin? 

I'm not politically educated but I am an experienced Christian Minister (20 years born again, 17 years teaching the bible, 4 years as a Pastor).

Sarah Palin is supposed to be a Christian Leader too.

Her 17 year old daughter is unwed and pregnant yet all I've heard from her on the subject is how proud she is.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's admirable of Sarah and her husband to support their daughter in this critical time of her life. I applaud that and agree with their supporting her completely!

Here's my problem:

I haven't heard a single word from Sarah on the fact that what her daughter did was wrong according to the Bible and unwise according to common sense!

What message is she sending to other teenagers about pre-marital sex, teenage pregnancy, consequences of actions, responsibility and wise decision making when there's no balance in her public statements about her daughter's decisions and actions?

That is bad leadership... Where it really counts!

The quality of the character of today’s youth is the quality of character of tomorrow’s leaders and policy makers. One of those youths listening to Sarah today is going to be the President of The United States tomorrow.

What sort of example are they getting from her?

If elected, Sarah Palin will be one heartbeat away from being the President of the United States - That is one scary thought!

Make no mistake, given John McCain's age I believe we need to look at Sarah Palin not as a potential VP but as a real Presidential candidate and judge her accordingly. I think this is a very prudent course of action.

And if we do, then we need to ask the question, what sort of President will she be? Is she capable of leading this nation in these critical times?

After all, she's asking us to put our lives and the lives of our children in her hands but look at how she's handling her own.

I'm not accusing Sarah and her husband of being bad parents because their kid made a mistake, that's not it at all. What I am looking at is her public response or lack thereof to her daughter's decisions and actions.

And don't tell me people's private lives are their own, that doesn't cut it, not when you're a Politician, a Preacher or any office where you've got that kind of authority over people's lives.

When you hold such offices there is no distinction between your private and public decisions because who you are and what you do directly affect other people's lives.

Whatever Brad and Angelina do in their private lives for the most part does not affect me and mine. The decisions of Michael Jackson, Linsay Lohan or Britney Spears will not determine the price of gas tomorrow. And Bret Favre's personal life does not sway the balance of power in the Middle East.

But the day we elect a female President who lacks moral fiber and strength of character, who does not inspire confidence nor commands the respect of our adversaries.

People, we are in some deep (stuff)!