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A Layman's Impression of the Vice-Presidential Debate: The Real Audacity of Hope
Sarah Palin and Joe Biden Debate

After watching the Vice Presidential debate last night I must confess that Sarah Palin certainly got my vote - For Mrs. Alaska that is.

Governor Palin gave me the impression she was running for a popularity contest and not debating the very crucial issues that face a nation on the brink of economic disaster.

How in heaven's name could she with a straight face use the phrase "Senator Biden is pointing to the past" as her only defense when he correctly identified the Bush Administration as the cause for the economic mess we're in today?

The same Bush Administration John McCain voted with on the major issues that have resulted in this nation's economic crisis.

Ten billion dollars a month to fund the war, are you kidding me?

Senator Biden reiterated over and over how John McCain agreed with George Bush on major economic issues demonstrating his bad judgment. He even drew example how McCain stated at 9.00Am one day how strong the economy was and at 11.00AM the same day he completely reversed his position saying the economy was in trouble.

Sarah Palin had absolutely no intelligent response for the solid points Senator Biden made. Instead she kept ignoring the questions asked by the Moderator and sticking to the rehearsed script she seemingly memorized for the big occasion.

When asked questions, Senator Biden stuck to the facts and answered both forthrightly and intelligently conveying sincerity and confidence.

But from all that was discussed last night, here's the clincher.

By what stretch of the imagination are we to believe that a McCain/Palin ticket represents change?

She kept throwing around words like "maverick" and "real change" all through the debate. Seriously Sarah, who in America is buying this stuff?

If you ask me, Sarah Palin and John McCain trying to convince the American public that if elected they will transform Washington and bring economic stability, that's the real "audacity of hope!"