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A Layman's Impression of The Presidential Debate
Senators Obama and McCain at the Presidential Dbate


Saying, "I agree with John" or "John is right" is not a sign of weakness on the part of Senator Obama but in my opinion, a show of strength.

It is the strength of someone who is secure in his position and believes enough in himself to agree with his opponent when he does make a valid point. It re-enforces the position of Senator Obama to reach across party lines and work with whomsoever he needs to in order to put the well-being of his country first.

Apart from everything that was said in this Presidential Debate, when I look at the Senator from Illinois I see someone who consistently acts Presidential and inspires me to want to follow him. To me, this is not minor or superficial but must be a fundamental characteristic of the next President of The United States.

The growing negative perception of America in the international community today increases the risk of attack from our enemies and weakens our relationships with our allies.

Senator Obama consistently speaks about using dialog to resolve national and international issues, particularly with respect to restoring America to the position of respect we once commanded globally.

He speaks about gaining solidarity with our international neighbors and strengthening our global position to become more effective in resolving critical international issues.

Senator McCain spends a lot of time name-dropping and rehearsing the past but only as he hopes it flatters him. When pressed about the fact that it was a mistake to start a war in Iran in the first place he kept ignoring that part of the past and resorting to his catch-phrase for the night, "Senator Obama just doesn't understand."

What I don't understand - and forgive the digression - is, if Senator McCain is supposed to be this beacon of light in the Christian Community why on earth did he reject the support of Pastor John Hagee and Pastor Rod Parsley?

Pastors Hagee and Parsley are two of the most respected leaders in the Body of Christ; men who've been time-tested and proven in ministry over decades, serving Christians as well as non-Christians nationally and internationally.

What did they do for him to reject their support?

When I look at the two candidates for President, everything one does inspires confidence in me and everything the other does gives me pause.

I must wonder, especially after reading and listening to Tim Wise, if the Illinois Senator was white if this race wouldn't be over a long time ago?