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Sarah Palin and Joe Biden Debate
After watching the Vice Presidential debate last night I must confess that Sarah Palin certainly got my vote - For Mrs. Alaska that is. Governor Palin gave me the impression she was running for a popularity contest and not debating the very crucial issues that face a nation on the brink of economic...
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Senators Obama and McCain at the Presidential Dbate
  Saying, "I agree with John" or "John is right" is not a sign of weakness on the part of Senator Obama but in my opinion, a show of strength. It is the strength of someone who is secure in his position and believes enough in himself to agree with his opponent when he does make...
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Sarah Palin
What kind of Christian Leader is Sarah Palin?  I'm not politically educated but I am an experienced Christian Minister (20 years born again, 17 years teaching the bible, 4 years as a Pastor). Sarah Palin is supposed to be a Christian Leader too. Her 17 year old daughter is unwed and pregnant yet...
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