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The Generations of Sarah
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 Song of the Roumanian Gypsy

A full moon illumines a dark woman singing
Her chants fill the hillside of the Bessarabian night
She traces his palm, reads his Tarot for gold
She weaves spells like lyrics - dense starry nets
That she casts like a fisherman so that he sleeps
He fasts until weak and she fills him like wine
Intoxicated with visions of soldiers and war
Her passion, his flight, twin songs
That spiral in a knot of desire
She-wolves and screech owls, pale-eyed and lonely
Wailing and mournful circle the night
In the darkness at moonset their journey begins
Dual constellations
Warrior astride night mare
Dream horse and rider they soar
Celestial navigation past Babi Yar
Past shtetls with thunder of shofar to guide them
Past gypsy campfires that make earth seem like heaven
His hindsight her foresight
Imprisoned by her ecstasy
They takes their places amidst the stars
Entwined like lovers in a world without end
They shimmer and linger as morning nears
Unearthly faces, divine sparks that herald dawn clear
And fine.  Stranger, soldier
Won't you have some gypsy wine.



Each month we make
This pilgrimage
Leave our husbands and homes
Anticipate the caress of these waters
Mingling blood as we did when
As young girls we played
Now as brides in this pool
Without time or tide
Steam rises
Our laughter is thick
Our sorrows shared and washed away
And we emerge as if waking from ether
Seal sleek and hairless
Cleansed and pure.



Sleeping heavily in the earth
He is called from a dream of life in death
The darkness lifts, the light is warm and golden
From the cool damp mud on the banks of the Nile
Turned by her breath on a patter's wheel
She exhales his birth
He emerges free to wander a moment
Between that world and this
Her sweet breath reams his nostrils
But his lips are sealed
She will not give him speech
Mud breather, feet of clay
Her creation leaves the garden, rushes, reeds
For the desert
Where relentless sun bakes clay
Setting form and substance
They wander together in exile
In the mad company of jackals and dung beetles
Rolling their burdens to some secret
Purpose and destination
So love enters the world
Emeth – life
With a stroke of her finger she erases an E
And sleeps in peaceful knowledge
That he will be there in the morning.

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