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And wasn't that what Bushy told Brownie after Katrina - 'helluva job, Brownie.' *You've got to admit that Bush has been nothing if not consistent - consistently awful, consistently dangerously stupid.  And people liked him - not just jerks, but intelligent people who should know better.  How does...
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If you’ve read my blog on Six Word Memoirs, you might guess I’m a fan of Mel Brooks, and you’d be right.  From his early work with Carl Reiner, to ‘The Producers,’ ‘Get Smart,’ ‘The Twelve Chairs,’ ‘Young Frankenstein’ and the brilliantly crude ‘History of the World Part I.’   In the opening scenes...
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Under the heading of 'you can't make this stuff up,' Joe has reinvented himself a third time (by my reckoning).  He is now in the middle-east, not as a plumber or singer/songwriter, but as a journalist.  Perhaps his next gig will be as a brain surgeon.  Is it just me, or is this fellow diagnosable...
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I’m not telling you anything new if I say that the writing life is filled with anxiety, frustration, rejection – and occasional successes. I like to think that things even out, that every moment of doubt is eventually offset by a moment of hope, that something happens to validate the choice I make...
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If you’re interested in memoir, the cri de coeur of the past five years in nonfiction and, arguably, fiction, and haven’t yet visited www.smithmag.net, it’s probably time you did.  Six of my six word memoirs on love and heartache have been accepted for their second  book.  Their first collection...
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If you’re a physician, behavioral therapist or standup comic, you know the punchline to this: so don’t blog.   But I’m an author and many authors I know are doing it - spending precious resources in time to fill cyberspace with words, thought and imagination.  I can't withstand such a tsunami-size...
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We were in our cups, Megan and I.  She was leaving in a week to start her MFA at Missoula on a free ride!  And while I was happy for her, her lovely presence at our Wednesday evening happy hours would be missed; we usually went to the Sapphire Hotel or Colosso, popular Portland watering holes for...
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