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Santa Fe science writers conference

I'm leaving for Santa Fe on Monday; I'm excited to be included in the science writers conference.  I'll be working with some of the best and the brightest in this field - science and health writers from the NYTimes, from the Santa Fe Institute, MIT, Oxford University.  This will be the perfect working vacation - a 90 degree getaway in a gorgeous and intellectually hyperactive environment.  I have fantasies of just staying there.

I've added an essay to my home page that was published in 'Citadel of the Spirit' in February 2009.  It's part of my series of personal essays on working with the mentally ill.  To that end, I also have a dedicated blog site at InTheFray magazine named 'Notes From Bedlam,' which will be the title of the book length work.  Please check out both of these.

Direct link: http://inthefray.org/component/option,com_myblog/blogger,esharenov/Itemid,321/

or simply: www.inthefray.org.

I'll blog about Santa Fe and the conference when I get back.  And I'll have much to tell and blog about in June.