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Newest member National Book Critics Circle

I was accepted as a member of the National Book Critics Circle today.  And also invited to attend the Santa Fe Science Writers Conference in May.  I'll be working with one of the New York Times health page writers whose work I greatly respect.  I've pitched a health blog and some freelance health pieces to the Oregonian newspaper and received a nibble - also today.

My arm is long enough to reach around and pat myself on the back, but I figured I'd share the news as well.


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what an amazing day! What are you going to do to celebrate?

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Well Done!!

Or more appropriately:

O, wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful wonderful! and yet again wonderful, and after that out of all hooping.

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Congratulations. All well deserved I'm sure.


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Can I reach out from way over here and pat you on the back, too? It's great to hear a success story once in a while, and yours is outstanding. Way to go!

(Nice to meet you, by the way).