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An open valentine

This is an open valentine to all my loves and a tribute to the many incarnations of love. 

My husband - Adam - often my best friend, always my lover, my ally in the creative life, my cheerleader and partner in crime

My best friend - Patty - who has known me more than three decades and ridden along beside me on my wild rides, my storms, my joys and my griefs; she offers advice if I ask, and sometimes when I don't

Elsa - my dog - and all my dogs before and yet to be; and all the cats I've ever had, or wanted, or can ever care for

Sweetie - my odd 'child' - the chatty African gray parrot who believes I am her husband

Ira, Sylvia, Brett, Wendi, Dean - family at a distance, but still and always family

David and Belle - gone now but not forgotten

Wendy - we were best friends for two decades, then apart for a long time - we've patched things up a bit

My patients - the bewildered bedraggled fellows whom society has passed over or tossed away because they answer to other voices

My co-workers - we share the burdens and beliefs that come with helping those with mental illness

My co-writers - couldn't we have chosen an easier way of life?

Love to all of you on Valentine's Day. 


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I like the phrase...

..."many incarnations of love." It puts Valentine's Day into a wider perspective than it usually has.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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for looking at my perspective of love as a multi-faceted worldview - as merchandising has limited our worldview to jewelry, chocolate and flowers (not that there's anything wrong with jewelry, chocolate and flowers, mind you)

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How lovely Evelyn!

How lovely Evelyn!

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Lovely indeed!

This truly is a beautiful Valentine, Evelyn. I am now inspired to reach out to my non-romantic Valentines. There's plenty of love to go around.

Congrats, as well, on your new gig with the Oregonian!

Shana McLean Moore

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Family at a distance

Beautiful as always. Guess since I'm one of the "family at a distance" it would be cool to say "hi!" Hope to see you one of these days.

With love,

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Your husband must be a very

Your husband must be a very lucky man. I'd like to meet him some day.