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Shifting from LOGOS to HOLOS
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     Our journey on planet Earth is to know our  SELF.  Staying true to our journey means never abandon SELF by compromising integrity, discounting intuitive feelings or ignoring the signals that come from our bodies.

     Being loyal to SELF means caring for body, mind, spirit; reminding SELF diligently that at our center we are a luminous essence, capable of love & compassion.  Here we find spirit residing with a healthy ego; one that is well developed, self confident, proud and unaltered by criticism and praise.  The strength of which provides the energy for the stages (phases) of the journey.

                              Vibrational energy is changing
     Currently more of us are becoming aware of the accelerated speed with which many changes (on various levels) are taking place .

     Movements & alignments of major planets in the solar system indicate these changes.  For instance, for the first time in 26,000 years the sun will be most closely aligned to the Galactic Center in 2012.  The Galactic Center is the rotational center of the Milky Way > home of our solar system.  This center is the source of the most gravitational energy present in our galaxy.

     A planetary alignment called "Harmonic Convergence" set off this major shift in 1987,  and bestowed upon us a 36 year window of opportunity for the human race to co-create a new aeon.  A new era of expanded consciousness; an epoch in spiritual discovery.  We are experiencing spiritual enlightenment through collective awareness.  This transformation is evolution inertia.

     A new concept of reality is dawning.  We are understanding that the universe is entirely connected.  Science now concurs; there is a deep reality in the cosmos, called the Akashic field, that connects and creates coherence.  This 'Global awakening' is shifting us into a more HOLISTIC civilization.

HOLOS = whole (Greek). 
HOLISTIC ~ emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.

      This global arousal is moving us away from logical thinking; away from LOGOS, into the realm of the heart & spirit.

LOGOS =  Latin for empty talk, a word, a joke, jest...

     For us to go with the flow we need to synthesize SELF; build resilience, body, mind, and spirit.

     This spiritual evolution into heart centered actions, is activated by higher frequency vibrational energies, due to the alignment of primary planets.  Time is speeding up, accumulating momentum.  This acceleration brings changes in our magnetic field, altering the endocrine production of the pineal gland; our intuitive energy will be enhanced.

     To master these energies, we must focus our power and bring it into alignment with our soul's intention, appreciate the need  for healthy boundaries and self control, while we build a pathway strong enough to allow this shift. The time has come to accept the communication between our heart, a cell and the galactic center, as programmed by the same holographic view of oneness. 

                                          What happens to us?

     To reinforce this call for change our body and mind express disharmony.  We have been taught that denial is the best way to handle uncomfortable feelings, yet this time we respond with compassion.  Though any of the signals, including illness, can be interpreted as inconvenient irritants rather than intuitive feelings, we now realize that our ability to surrender will provide freedom from fear.  Armed with the knowledge that our intuitive SELF is an aspect of our nature that will never abandon us, we explore...our need to stay in control, our need to know what is happening, our need to never feel pain.....

     We begin to realize the reasons for the "darkness" in and around us ; the stress, chaos, collapse, earth quakes, tsunami's ~ and find ways to restore, rejuvenate.  SELF >personally >> our community>>>nationally>>>>and eventually we start thinking global.

      We know life to be a series of events, that teach us, through our downfalls, and thus allow us to grow spiritually. We learn, grow and become more and more aware.  Through acceptance of duality ( the cycles of death and rebirth) we create harmonic interplay between  attraction and opposition.  We now begin to recognize that we can take charge of our destiny, that when we think positive, we attract positive energy.  We appreciate the prosperity that follows focused attention. We honor our heart's intuitive pulse, and are thus reassured that we are exactly where we need to be.

                           Everything is energy

     To allow our SELF free flowing energy we now surrender ~ Let our spirit guide us.  We don't loose contact with our essence or grow to fear it.  We commit SELF to staying awake and aware, freeing us from holding back and allowing us to feel fully.  Open to our passions, and those of others, we are unafraid to feel every thing.  We learn to recognize the many masks we wear and realize that it covers our true significance. We no longer disguise who we are; keeping our energy pure.  The universe responds to us...our dedication to SELF will make the difference.

     Through compassion, kindness, truthfulness and awareness we have a clear perception of reality.
Experiencing the mind in a clear state we begin to trust our instincts and embrace spontaneity naturally.  Our healthy ego will let us have strength in our convictions yet be open to others.  We learn to use our natural ability to access inner truth.  We believe in SELF, restoring the balance in our LIFE, our community and our world.

     Find your SELF in the field of possibility, send out Love, gratitude, appreciation.  Sit in silence, and wait to see what the Universe has in store ~  

     We know that through our actions we activate the law of karma.  Realizing our potential, we learn to give that which we seek.  In giving we learn to LOVE ~ in loving we learn to TRUST.  Trust is what will take us to the next level. Trust that the Universe is friendly, trust that we make the right choices, trust that our love and compassion will enhance our neighbor's and so forth. Trust that peace & harmony will replace this ripped up, chaotic situation we are in.

* A new Golden Age is upon us. Opportunity is knocking. Collectively we have the power to aim away from political corruption & economic chaos and face global prosperity *