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My deepest gratitude goes out toward the lost souls as of late in Haiti ~ their death is a huge sacrifice for humankind to raise awareness.  The world is scrambling together to aid those in need, and more people are now aware of how this affects all of us; we are all one ~

Humanity finds itself in an evolutionary position; evolving into a higher vibration. We are inertia. A momentum has presented itself.  We are beginning to have new understanding of how we experience life.  We have a chance to shy away from a life based on fear & competition, and slip into the realm of the HEART; the residence of love, peace & harmony ~

Currently we are, congruent with the planet, cleansing & grounding.   We as humans can take time to reflect and visualize a better future.  As we put our highest truth out into the universe, we live and create our own destiny and become one with 'the source'. With faith in Self we strengthen our desires, and allow prosperity & happiness to enter our lives.

We are beginning to realize that we have 'essence' ~ We project this and blend with other people's essence. Blending all energies into one. This is how we become aware of 'all that is'.  Understanding and making change according to this new knowledge, creates momentum.  This unified consciousness has enabled the new world to be born.  

This new understanding of heart based energies contributes to the rising of mass awareness, and yet...there is a long way to go.  Though ignorant and fear based energy is fading, there are still many people who are not feeling the 'oneness'. We need to pass the word, make our contributions and encourage our friends to do the same.  We can find vehicles through which we can make contributions to the universal understanding of oneness.

www.humanitysteam.org is launching a world petition to raise awareness...HELP RAISE AWARENESS ~ please encourage every one you know to sign !

*For a path to understanding Self, please read my articles @ www.evelinebodymindspirit.com ~

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mind body spirit

Nam,myoho-renge-kyo Buddhist chant for world peace.
I have participated in alot of energy healing recently.It has moved me out of the depths of dispair into groundedness and lightness of spirit.I believe the collective energy of positive energy can transforom this planet from one of discord to one of serenity and peace.but we all must participate to make this happen.Thank you for your post.

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Thnx heather for your comment and the one B4, I really appreciate it.  We are in for a real good ride and the sooner we grasp the beauty of it and let go of 'fear of the unknown' we are homefree....good luck and take care

love & light