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                                    ~ VIVA las VAGUS ~ 

                    :: The Vagus ends dualism ::


The vagus [/ˈveɪɡəs/ vay-gəs] nerve is a cranial nerve extending from the brain stem to the viscera, making the heart grand central station.


The medieval Latin word vagus = 'wandering'.  

Vagus emerges at the back of the skull, meanders through the abdomen with a number of branching nerves. Responsible for several instinctive responses in the body, the vagus nerves carry a wide assortment of signals to and from the brain, as it wanders from the brain stem through organs in the neck, thorax & abdomen.


The vagus nerve, is also called cranial nerve X ~ Besides output to the various organs in the body, the vagus nerve conveys sensory information about the state of the body's organs to the central nervous system. 80-90% of the nerve fibers in the vagus nerve are sensory nerves communicating the state of the viscera to the brain.


The vagus nerve is one of the vital nerves which keeps our body in working order; it helps regulate heart beat, controls muscle movement, keeps breath flowing, and transmits various chemicals throughout the body.


When the vagus nerve is stimulated, the response is often a reduction in heart-rate or breathing, therefor vagus stimulation appears to benefit people who suffer from depression, high blood pressure, stress…


The vagus nerve extends its trunk from & connects the brain straight thru the heart with the main cavities of the body. With the current spiral dynamic upswing of Mother Earth in our Galactic atmosphere, the vagus nerve's veil has been lifted. Much like in meditation where the vibration of thyroid & pineal creates an opening of our 3rd eye, intuitive mode ~ In this new higher vibratory atmosphere the mostly dormant vagus nerve's new vibration lifts the veil between left & right brain and between head & heart; the cross.  This gives us an opportunity  to be creative with our intelligence, to be heart centered while using our mind (ego) ~ in the harmony of the 5d atmosphere all is heart centered. Heart symbolizes our emotion. Emotion is the highest valued commodity in this realm. 


Stress is continually in most people's lives nowadays; we accept a constant feeling of tension as normal; inevitable. 


We have a choice. There is another response to the challenges of everyday life that is hardwired into our nervous system as well. Understanding gives us the power to choose.


Feeling stressed, our brain activates the sympathetic nervous system, fight-or-flight response, causing the adrenal medulla to secrete adrenaline (epinephrine), a hormone circulating through the bloodstream, affecting almost every organ. This makes the heart pump faster & harder, causing a elevation in blood pressure; respiration increases in rate, moving primarily into the chest; airways dilate bringing more oxygen into the body; blood sugar rises providing a ready supply of fuel; some blood vessels constrict to avert blood away from the skin and the core of the body, while others dilate to bring more blood to the brain & limbs. This results in a pumped up body, ready to fight or run, including a mind that is hyper alert.


The fight-or-flight response is meant to be triggered occasionally, in those rare moments when we are actually in danger. Once the threatening event is over, hormonal signals switch off the stress response; reestablishing homeostasis. Ideally, it remains dormant until the next close call. Unfortunately, most us rarely switch off the fight-or-flight response, although the perceived threat is psychological, it still activates the archaic survival response, so stress hormones wash through the body regularly. 


These days, our bodies in a constant state of tension, we have many physical problems. In this constant mode, the adrenal cortex secretes cortisol, a steroid whose job it is helping the body adapt to a prolonged emergency by ensuring enough fuel. Cortisol acts on the liver & muscle tissues, causing them to synthesize sugars (glucose) & fats, releasing them into the bloodstream. 


We can make another choice. 

The autonomic nervous system has another component, the parasympathetic nervous system. Rather than living under the domination of a heightened sympathetic nervous system, we can learn to activate the parasympathetic system, the rest & digest response. This automatically responds to our sense of equilibrium; our heart rate drops, blood pressure falls, slowing & deepening respiration. Reestablished blood flow to the core of the body, promotes good digestion, supports the immune system and infuses a sense of well-being.


The primary mediator of the parasympathetic nervous system, is the vagus nerve. The 10th of the cranial nerves, often called the Nerve of compassion, triggers a cascade of calming effects. Most of the time we wait for it to be activated by something pleasant ~ However,  the nerve, hence the entire parasympathetic nervous system, can be turned on by breathing, producing feelings of warm expansion in the chest. 


Developing the skill of breath/Chi we experience breath as the barometer for the nervous system. Through breath we access feelings of calm & balance. Required is a withdrawal of our attention from the drama in our lives, while focusing on the breath.


The serenity we feel when we are watching our minds rather than identifying with our thoughts is the peace at our core. Releasing tension & fatigue in the places where we rest our attention, augments the energy flow; reframing the experience, making it not only less stressful, but also more accurate in reflecting what is really happening. 

Awareness is KEY.


* * *

High vagus nerve activation in a resting state, are prone to emotions that promote altruism—compassion, gratitude, love & happiness.


In the new, higher accelerated, vibrational atmosphere, this branch of our nervous system evolved ~ the vagus nerve facilitates regeneration throughout the body.  The body's immune system is controlled by the vagus nerve; it is the most important nerve coming from the brain, traveling to all the major organs.


The Vagus Nerve can be activated and worked with energetically. We have the power to create new cells and renew our own organs & tissues ~ training in concentration and mental control (ego) facilitates higher levels of gamma brain waves & thicker brain cortexes, areas associated with higher brain function. 


Human being is a complex biological system that adapts to its environment and is resilient & flexible; awareness of this is crucial to our health. The more complex & resilient we are, the healthier we are. For example, our heartbeat; its complexity is called heart rate variability (HRV) or beat-to-beat variability. The more complex your HRV, the healthier you are. The least complex heart rate is the worst — a flat line. The HRV is also controlled by the vagus nerve.


The seat of compassion is biological and necessary for survival. The development of compassion & wisdom in coping with unfavorable life conditions is key to longevity. Understanding our true nature through the cultivation of our minds & hearts is critical to health, consequently longevity.


            * * *


Our Vagus nerve has been activated naturally, and is now easier to access. Awareness of the Higher vibrations in our atmosphere is the road to resurrection.  Reach out with heart, mind & Spirit to the unseen worlds that interpenetrate our own. Reaching out with the feelings of heart & soul reveals awareness of the beneficial presence of the invisible kingdoms. Deep breath enables heart & mind (ego) to become Light. Breath & Prayer, a most profound blessing we can use for our Self and others, allows Love to grow in the heart. Love is the highest healing vibration ~ Enflame the Self with the potent Prayer of Love, Peace & Light ~ in our heart lies the power to heal.


To achieve the Grail of the Soul the mind (ego) must surrender its frequencies and entrain with the Heart, a Heart that is radiant irrespective of external conditions.  Now we handle our energy [kundalini] and use expanded consciousness effectively and creatively, and it becomes obvious that we need to transcend our own and the collective shadow to reintegrate ego into a higher mode and larger purpose. 


"Listen, you have now found the conditions in which the desire of your heart can become the reality of your being. Stay here, until you acquire a force in you that nothing can destroy. Then you'll need to go back into life, and there you will measure yourself constantly with forces which will show you your place."  ~  George Gurdjieff


     Positivity is a naturally generated byproduct of one’s proclivity to hold a neutral perspective. Moving out of the duality of good & bad, we observe events & relationships dynamics, with less judgment, less attachment. Whatever happens becomes whatever is happening. This kind of emotional freedom produces the Light ~ (consciousness).


     The natural state of every system moves toward balance that is fluid and free, as in dance; experienced differently by each person. Watch the dynamic of the planets move across the sky and live life accordingly. The planets form a dance with positive & harmonious aspects completely embracing the planet in Sacred Geometric configurations.


     Currently our chalice of Self is being purified through vibrational adjustments in the brain/body system. With this acceleration, adjustments are made and our circuits of consciousness are naturally transformed. Higher centers of the brain and the light-sensitive pineal & pituitary glands are being activated to contain more light. This penetration brings us to a critical threshold, creating huge change cellularly. It also activates soul memories and expands our concepts of reality. With this expanded consciousness, our brain/body system is being cleared and fine-tuned enabling us to create a gateway for the activation & acceleration of cosmic consciousness. 


     With this expansion, we are freed to explore within a new center that, paradoxically, seems to have no center, revealing the secret of being essence within form, everywhere & nowhere, 'nothing' but present in all things. The chalice, representing the eternal container of light, ever filled with spirit's fire & nourishment; metaphorically representing the form in which our full potential can manifest.