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Sky showers bouquets of moonbeams down on us, nightly. New Moon in Aquarius, on 13 Feb, activated our creative potential, opened our spiritual connexion with Earth/Gaia ~ The Central Goddess.  Connect to the Source now; feel love, creative energies, compassion.  
This is the Mother Load, the Highest Source of compassionate energy. Break down the walls of ignorance inside Self; step into this New World; put your Self in harmony with nature.
Expand and express your Self, strengthen and balance. Perhaps we can silence Ego enough to hear the heart's song, leading us along this new path.  Allow rebirth inside Self, and experience the beauty; the invigorating  energies that aid in visualizing new ways to create structure in our world.
This period is chaotic, and we may feel undirected while we loosen and allow these creative energies to permeate; it might help to remember after chaos comes change!
Through this chaos we are learning to 'rise above' and discover new ways to handle negative energies with our collective thoughts & actions.
As we stay centered, our Self will not waver, we are safe. Here we realize that we are on the threshold of the NEW WORLD with its new energies, and what needs to happen is that we walk on, bringing only with us the significance we gained of each of our lessons in the past.
Awareness has moved us from an innocent babe to a full grown; the light getting stronger, annihilating darkness (ignorance/not knowing) ~
Hold on to this bright light, feel its power, trust that with this energy surge, full potential can be realized.  Change fear into curiosity and find out!  Embrace these new energies that sustain us while we transform into the higher vibrational energies.
We are changing on many levels, including cellularly ( our cells are transforming themselves into this higher vibration) ~  allow Self time to acclimate. Adjust and re adjust as changes are continual and more frequent.  If our fears can be changed into curiosity, the path will be much brighter; awareness alleviates anxiety ~

(*) For articles on understanding Self ~ please go to www.evelinebodymindspirit.com   Thnx!