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Mirror me ...
mirror me


'You light the fire of love

in earth and sky

in heart and soul

of every being.


Through your loving

existence and nonexistence merge.

All opposites unite.

All that is profane

becomes sacred again.'

    ~ Rumi ~


                                  IT TAKES 2 TO TANGO ...


I aim to be responsible & accountable for my own dysfunctional involvement with people. For me, this Earthly journey is about me ~ I am part of the dysfunction. I see my own part in this. This knowledge empowers my Self in the quest to be authentic at all times. To evolve my spirit.


I see that everything is a result of the choices i make. I am empowered to make new choices moment to moment, each day. It is my personal responsibility to teach others how to treat me. It is not my place to change what someone else does; nobody’s behavior is my responsibility. My responsibility lies within my our own energy.


If I stop reacting, and take my time to respond properly to all my situations, I  honor my authentic Self, and acclimate bodymindspirit to the vibration of authenticity.


I realise that I draw people into my life to show me how i feel about my Self; the people i attract into my life mirror some unconscious aspect of my Self.  Some people trigger deep seated unconscious aspects of my Self. When my self-worth is really solid, an outside entity does not have the power to strip me down. Being able to observe my Self is vital.

I see how all relationships serve my highest good by providing opportunities for me to meet my Self. This enhances my spiritual quest; the path to my authentic Self, and allows me to stand in the light of my own being. Without an authentic Self, nothing is real, and there is no genuine love, happiness or pleasure in my life. I am committed to my Self to understand and take the necessary steps to heal from my childhood wounds as i see them perpetuated in adulthood.


I trust my journey and aim to freely express authentic emotion.



The energies that were active in the atmosphere at the exact moment of my birth are stamped on the cellular level of my being and remain a part of me during this lifetime.  The sun, my physical Self expressed in the Body, the moon, my emotional aspect, and the ascendant, my soul purpose, influence me the most. Though the entire Galaxy supports my existence and i am grateful for every morsel.


There are certain chemical vibrations that occur in my body which i can influence with my thoughts. Chemicals that vibrate in my cells, orchestrating my entire energetic persona, how i feel and my ability to co-create my life. This energy attracts & repulses circumstances and people. This is the energy that needs more conscious awareness.


A fascinating dynamic takes place in my physiology when emotion occurs. My brain contains neurons. I create the structure of my neurons with my thoughts. The hypothalamus, manufacturing center in my brain, creates corresponding chemicals. Addictive behavior latches itself in this cycle.


The capacity of understanding separates homo sapiens from any other animal in the kingdom. My consciousness dictates my level of clarity & understanding: my addictions wire me into bizarre inauthentic behavior patterns.  Addictions to certain behavioral patterns are often very subtle, but i can not discard them. My own addictive behavior is feeding my narcissistic lover, who in turn reflects my own narcissism.  It is a vicious cycle, and our generation suffers a great deal from this.

In reaching for unity, i refuse to let go of my narcissistic lovers.  Changing my own energy will change the dynamics and possibly catalyze more healing between us. No more separation.


When i find a place of balance within me, i find a path out of this cycle. The grounding & balance attained with my disciplined spiritual practice gets me there. This is the place where unconditional love for Self & others shines the brightest. This is the place where I am indifferent to outer influences and adamant about finding harmony. When i express a harmonic frequency, i attract a harmonic frequency.


The magic of my spiritual practice is that i tailored it to my own liking, with all that is available these days, i created my own regiment; the practice of Atma Prema (Self Love).  What counts most is the presence of Self love, this is the power behind any discipline and the reward that comes from a steady flame inside. Unconditional love for Self facilitates a personal container of safety, to  understand, assimilate, and ultimately resolve, by expressing my energy proper.


With a steady flame, and my energies grounded & still, i can separate authentic from inauthentic emotions before i respond to my situation. When i find mySelf expressing authentic emotions, I am reflected such. This magic is the alchemy of my essence. Healthy & emotionally mature, i have the ability to Self-reflect and take responsibility for my own emotions & actions only. Outer influences get filtered properly and no longer influence my frequency (aura). I trust my journey and am grateful for the insight my relationships bring.


                        I am in Love with Love

                      and Love is in love with me.

                  My body is in Love with the soul

                 and the soul is in Love with my body.

                       I opened my arms to Love

                  and Love embraced me like a lover.