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~ Blue Goddess ~

Namaste ~
As we move through the new energies that surround us, it might be wise to remind Self that a 'time of adjustment' is appropriate every so often, and that a certain pattern of adjustment might be of great value. It is essential to allow the body and mind time to synchronize with Spirit, as Spirit is first to recognize new energies and willing to play with...
There is a particular "Spiritual Ascension Pattern" where initiation is likened to downloading information. After this, a time of assimilation/ processing data comes into play. This is the time & place where we re-arrange, get rid of, old patterns & absolete energy.  
Slowly we integrate; we anchor Self to this new and upgraded version...at which point we are ready to 'experience' a new perception of our reality.  
We are all affected by these new energies, wether we are aware & participate, or not.
As we move to a higher octave in the music of spheres, our energetic intelligence is affected.  Awareness will facilitate a smooth transition.  When shrouded by fear and 'not knowing' (ignorance), distorted energies will manifest.  It is therefor important that we trust this moment in time and acquiesce to this energy in an embracing positive curious manner.  We must practice unconditional love and accept (tolerance)  and forgive ~  
We can stand fearless as we eliminate destructive patterns and assimilate our Self; stepping into our true essence. These are challenging times; especially for highly sensitive people. This is the time of transformation; making all your dreams come true. Let's dare dream our deepest dreams as we turn fear into objective curiosity. A world will open and new energies can manifest unto us.
Put your Self in harmony with Nature. This is the place to ground Self.