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Recently I discovered the term 'Highly Sensitive Person' ~
What a revelation !

In my research I recognized my Self, it brought me home.

At once I realized my existence; I understood and forgave my past and knew what I had to do to find a better future. Design a more solid place in this hostile environment we co-created for our Selves.

This fresh cardinal knowledge brings me to a higher personal vista.  A vital plateau from where I can see a brighter and more peaceful future. I am now beginning to understand my behavior, its triggers and reflections of my environment.

In understanding my behavior better, I realize that Gaia's reactions (nature's behavior) to the current trend of chaos is a natural reflection; in tandem with human behavior. Linking these two beads of knowledge, I am beginning to make a necklace of truth; a rosary.  Each bead, a mantra, brings us closer to understanding and facilitates a better evolution for Self.  In creating a better environment for Self, we create more thriving energy for those around us. Fertile soil for better communication.

~ Heal your Self ~ Heal the world ~

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It is funny I came across your blog here as my wife and I were just discussing HSP's at dinner this evening. After reading Elaine Aron's book on the subject (The Highly Sensitive Person), I too gained a greater understanding of some of the stimulus I encountered and my reaction to them. I realize too, that "sensitivity" in context does not necessarily mean a weakness in demeanor or that we cry at Kodak commercials (often), but that our "senses" are more finely tuned and the mundane to others can be a physical confrontation for us to digest and recover from. Once I learned how to channel the focus in a proper way, my ability to utilize this heightened perception has enabled me to greater connect with myself as well as others and the environment around me. Sensitivity is no longer draining but inversely energizing!