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Happy Love day to all Life ~
Doorway 2 the sky

Redefining our barriers will soon take on new meaning, as we will face the question of foreign energy. It is inevitable that contact be made. It is up to us to respond with objectivity and fearless curiosity. An open heart to embrace all possibilities.

We are aware of the vastness of the "Universe of the living", and with what diversity our galaxy is populated.  All is in Universal Order, everything is how it is meant to be.  If we can accept this, truly accept it in our heart, we will slowly lean into being comfortable with it.  There is a certain relax-ness to that, once that resonates as truth in the heart.

Changing our fears into curiosity will embrace the new life we will be made aware of sooner or later.  Energies are collecting around Gaia in support of her evolution which will bring all Universal families together again. 
We, as human beings, are part of that, as we have chosen to be here at this juncture, to witness and experience (partake) in this elevation.

Curiosity will open many possibilities of new connexions around the vast Galaxy.  We must shed our coat of "self righteous" and stand humble before the New World, as we move forward in our evolution. 
Humility, compassion, curiosity, love.  These are the energies with which we must welcome the New World and all it has to offer.  Knowing that all is how it is meant to be will empower us.  When we walk with Peace in our heart wherever we go, it will be reflected back to us; a connexion is made.  The Age Of Aquarius, is the age of Universal Love; we have to know and trust that Bliss awaits us.

We must prepare Self for the moment of confrontation with other life energy.  We can no longer hold to the thought that life on Earth is the only life in the Vast Galaxy.  Much evidence to the contrary has risen, more so lately as we come closer to the actual moment where we will face what we consider "alien" life.  We will be confronted.  Know that the exchange of energies is that of LOVE.  Those who respond in fear will close the avenue of Love and will be unable to 'comprehend and process'  such a sacred moment.  We need to assimilate / be cognizant of this thrill.  We need to stay objective; we too have much to offer/share/contribute in this exchange. 

The collective mind of humanity will determine when the time is right.  As we become more aware and are more centered, we loosen our fear infested thinking and walk on curious & with our minds wide open. The collective consciousness of human kind ripples forever through the cosmic seas of Universal Mind.  The vibration of our 'thinking' waves determines the vibratory nature of the matter upon which new energies will enter. 

Let us pave the way with LOVE.  Let us bring our neighbor to the place where we make this beauty filled connexion.  The Auric field has been rapidly changing; dimensions are bleeding into each other and energies of every level are passing through the portals.  Stay awake and aware, open the heart and embrace this new and exciting energy.  Our positivism will enable any 'alien' energy to enter our realm peaceful and with LOVE.

Humanity has reached its final shores.  As a race we are exasperated with the way things are and have been for much too long- time for change!

How we approach the unknown determines how extraordinary will be our celebratory experience upon meeting and blending the new energies.  Shift Fear to Wonder and understand the essence of this magical moment in time.  As we assimilate what is unfolding before our very eyes, let us stand in GRATITUDE, for it is an honor to witness, experience and partake in this quantum leap.

A bright light shines on our world, transcending time-space and density of our Universe.  This bight light, that pours through the cosmos of Soul, glitters in the conscious collective mind.  This is the light that cuts through ignorance, this is the light that defies boundaries / limitation / separation ... as this light fills our hearts, we experience the wonder, laughter and joy of all existence.

Bask in this light.  NEVER AGAIN allow darkness to cloud the soul's determined climb along the perilous journey back to Source.  Strum the cords of your heart along with Gaia; her song ringing throughout the Universe. This is the music of the spheres.  Tune your heart to Earth's ringing of these fabulous new frequencies.

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